about gailgail.com

sometimes people ask me how i stay organized, get so much done, and generally how i approach all sorts of problems. i’m doing my best to document the answers here.

my life quest is to become the best possible version of me. it's not a very well-defined goal, but it means i'm always looking for ways to improve myself, and i take it pretty seriously. this is a space where i can share some of the stuff i've learned.

did i tell you i just got a great deal on car insurance?

did i tell you i just got a great deal on car insurance?

about gail, the human

i have a lot of fantasies about what the world would look like if people:

and more.

about gail, the productivity nerd

i’ve been working in silicon valley for nearly a decade, specializing in generalist roles (what people here apparently call operations). i’ve worked with dozens of managers and executives and hundreds of engineers in a variety of tech environments from gigantic company to tiny early-stage startups to an ai research non-profit. i invest time into figuring out how to work smarter and have learned a ton along the way.

interested in working together? i’m currently available for productivity coaching, new projects, and collaborations. contact me.