balance and escape

i seem to have this tendency to want to escape my current life/situation when things feel too hectic (see 2013-09 when i escaped to la). my guess is that this has more to do with my difficulties in achieving just the right amount of stimulation; i'm often either too bored or overwhelmed. anyway, to be completely honest, i booked this flight to taipei on my birthday when i was feeling introspective and trapped and had a baby time bomb ticking away in my ear and didn't know when i'd have the chance to go exploring before 2017. booking flights seem to be my weapon of choice when it comes to combating restlessness, i guess, because it feels oddly liberating to know i can 1) do whatever i want whenever i want (within reason), and 2) travel abroad solo with very little anxiety. (i should probably mention that i recognize that this isn't necessarily a healthy thing and have promised myself not to book any flights for the first quarter (maybe two) of 2017.)

this trip is pretty different than my last ones. last year's trip to vietnam was all about adventure and spontaneity and pushing my limits. this year, it's more of a retreat with themes of rest, reflection, and reset. the timing isn't ideal since i just came off a cfar* high and can't work on some of my bugs until i'm back in sf, but this respite from bay area life is much needed and long overdue. i think the fact that people around me are always doing something cool--attending workshops, going to meetups, learning new things, cultivating new skills, meeting new people, running/yogaing, attending some weirdass event--and that we only get 52 weekends a year makes me feel like non-productive things (like watching tv, playing games, cooking, and generally doing relaxing things at home) are a waste of time. the only time i really allow myself to do that stuff is when it can double as spending quality time with someone or when i'm sick and immobile. @_@

for now, here's my workcation so far in images:


anyway. so far, so good. clearly i haven't done much in taipei but eat. my days generally consist of waking up at 5am, working, meditating, walking around, eating super delicious foods, inhaling the sweet smells of taiwanese bakeries, drinking boba, working, reading, writing, and sweating like crazy in the heat. alexei joins me on saturday for a week (yay!), which means more adventuring, which means hopefully i'll have a more interesting update with less foods and more scenic stuffs next time. :)