honey baked ham > dry turkey

12 years ago i started this thing where i'd write some sort of blog post titled 'ham > turkey' on thanksgiving. i think the last one i wrote was in 2011, which was probably the best year of my life (after 2016, i guess). it's amusing to me that the first bullet point was, '[i'm grateful for] my p0, p1, and p2 bugs being in a FIXED state. i am perfectly content with my p3 bugs and don't mind working to knock them out.' sounds like something i could've written today. actually, almost the entire first section is copy/pasteable, so i guess i'll just do that and modify the rest (starting with the 'the people' section). :D here we go:


ham > turkey

i can't stop thinking about how much stuff i'm thankful for this past year.

the basics

i'm thankful for...

  • my p0, p1, and p2 bugs being in a FIXED state. i am perfectly content with my p3 bugs and don't mind working to knock them out.
  • a supportive network of trustworthy, reliable, fun friends, both old and new.
  • working with some of the most talented, funny, logical, kind, and supportive people in the world.
  • a constant place to call home. eh. this one's not super true anymore. i guess i could call the bay area home. i guess. ionno.
  • pretty good bad days.

the people (especially the people)

i'm thankful for...

  • stefan who put up with my antics and shit (one time even literally. tmi?) and complexity and fickleness for so many years, and especially for dealing with the shitshow i put us through this year. i hope that at least... it has done you good because of the color of the wheat fields (...or charcoal?). q_q (rachael yamagata - even if i don't)
  • kanjun and josh who showed me i could take my obsession with self-improvement and logic to a whole new level and are responsible for so many good things in my life.
  • aaron whose passions overlap so well with mine, who's been there for me through nearly every non-trivial life decision i made this year, who's gone on more adventures with me than anyone else has, and who i can always count on to call me out on my shit.
  • jennifer for being the best travel partner ever, for understanding why/how to stay calm/kind in stressful situations, for being super growth mindset, for being down for almost anything including getting a cool tattoo on a semi-whim, and for just... getting it.
  • james who always seemed to have the same exact thoughts as me at work; who said yes, no questions asked, when i asked out of the blue if i could come chat with him in oakland; who showed me the beauty of the numbers 620 and 707; who kept me sane at choc; and who's just an all-around awesome human and friend.
  • pam who i feel like i could talk to forever, who inspires me to be a better person, and who's willing to get up at the crack of dawn to go dancing.
  • ryan and linda who spent hours and hours (and more hours and hours) chatting with me and trying to find a way to make things work, whose love for food matches my own, and who bring fun to poker and avalon and murder mysteries.
  • alexei for forcing my robot heart to feel an extremely wide range of feelings (for me, at least) in such a short period of time and for your pretty thoughts.
  • phing whose strength helped me find my own.
  • rob who seems to shed light on my blindspots without realizing it.
  • sunil who believes in both meaningful and ridiculous interactions as much as (or more than?) i do, knows how to get shit done, and is one of the few who actually understands what i mean before i stop yapping.
  • miguel who's one of only two people i'd trust wholeheartedly with taking care of my rogercat.
  • charles and marie who showed me how fun bonfiring and camping and motorcycling can be.
  • everyone who brought super special meaning to the alpaca for me.

and other stuff

i'm thankful for...

  • all the luxuries i take for granted living in the bay area, like... being surrounded by progressive, rational, thoughtful people and colorful hair; the ocean, the hills, the tasty tap water; unique-ish fun experiences like sfmoma,, archimedes banya, and golden gate fields; ipot, dong bei mama, mama's, nopa, and sushirrito.
  • all the stuff i was born with and did absolutely nothing to earn, like... acne-free skin, the ability to manipulate my voice at a granular level just by thinking or listening, my crazy reliable system 1, my relatively good memory, and my finely tuned antennae.
  • being lucky enough to... possess only first-world problems, have parents who cared enough about me to make sure that the only problems i'd have to deal with were first-world problems, have really awesome people and jobs and opportunities unexpectedly drop into my lap, and have (somehow) learned how to win friends and influence people without reading that book.
  • and much, much more.