best of the bay area

these are not my favorite places; these are the best places. think i'm wrong? do tell.

best place to make reservations just for french toast
custard french toast / nopa / sf (nopa)

best place to take off your clothes and induce tachycardia
archimedes banya / sf (hunter's point)

best place to become a wowowowow-PANCAKES-zomg person
lemon ricotta pancakes / venus / berkeley

best place to have a sit-down on a bench
ina coolbrith park / sf (russian hill)
honorable mention: on a tree trunk bench, west of morrison hall at uc berkeley

best place to bring cash and yell at each other over drinks outdoors
jones / sf (tendernob)

best place to marvel at pretty, dead things
paxton gate / sf (mission)

best place to eat everything on the menu
cafe de casa (brazilian breakfast) / sf (north beach)

best place to eat just so you can check out their bathroom
kenken ramen / sf (mission)
don't actually eat their ramen (it's not great); go during lunch and eat their curry

best place to put freshly fried sugary bread in your tummy
freshly made glazed doughnuts / king pin donuts / berkeley

best instructor to get you to join a cult
andrew / soulcycle / sf (soma) or san mateo or palo alto

best place to lick the thickest, creamiest, whitest, tastiest froyo ever
italian frozen yogurt / foodhall / sf (mission)

best yakionigiri (oily grilled rice balls)
tanto / sunnyvale

best ramen
shio ramen (hokkaido-style white tonkotsu) / santouka / santa clara
if i had to choose on in sf... tsukemen / waraku / sf (japantown)

best place to listen to people telling personal stories
fireside storytelling / sf (mission/bernal)
honorable mention: bawdy storytelling / sf (potrero)

best place to ice cream
tara's / berkeley
if i had to choose in sf... ici / berkeley
oops, for real, if i had to choose in sf...
bi-rite / sf (nopa / western addition)

best place to see a play in someone's house (seriously, it's awesome)
third cloud from the left / sf

best place to stare at the walls while you eat
radio habana (social club) / sf (mission)

best place to enjoy some gold ol' fashioned roller disco
6th ave + kennedy in golden gate park / sf