how i train my curiosity muscle

i tried out an exercise in curiosity today where i wrote down fifty questions i'd love to get answers to. it took me a lot longer than expected (about two hours), but i now have a good idea of what kinds of things i wanna spend more time doing/ thinking about/ figuring out. i also realized that framing my thoughts as mere curiosities rather than things i need to act on (like when i'm creating a toDo list) allowed me to ponder and explore with little judgment from my inner critic. going forward, i predict that my list of notes i (virtually) carry around with me will contain more questions and fewer action items.

for those of you who are curious, here's what i came up with:

1 how can i find more music i loooooveeeeee?
2 what are some shared activities that facilitate low-key, high-quality connections?
3 what kinds of things make me feel loved and valued by other people?
4 what are some concrete specific things i love about being old(er)?
5 if money weren't an object, what would my wardrobe look like?
6 what specific traits do i value in each of my friends?
7 if i moved to fresno (or some non-city city), what would it take to make me live there happily for more than two years?
8 if the school of gail were a success, what would that look like?
9 [edited] let my [specific situation] be near-perfect. how does it differ from what it looks like today?
10 if i could instantly upload a buncha knowledge into my head right now, what would be the top 10 things?

11 do dreams actually mean anything or are they just random bits of whatever?
12 how can i get myself to stick to a regular sleep schedule?
13 what should i do when i feel anxious before sleeping?
14 in what situations do i usually feel anxious before sleeping?
15 if a tidy space has such a great effect on my general mood, what easy things can i do to consistently maintain a tidy space?
16 what are the best-tasting vegan meals i can make?
17 what traits do i envy in other people?
18 if i were to create an interesting/ bizarre/ creative 2-hour experience for someone else or for a group, what would it look like?
19 why do people get caught up in money and titles? (are they actually happy/ satisfied/ better off than me somehow?)
20 how can i quickly get better at playing the guitar?

21 how can i cover my ceiling with plants/ fake plants?
22 [edited] how can i get myself to commit to [doing thing] for 4+ years?
23 say that creating music is the only way i could earn money. how would i do it without developing a distaste for it?
24 how can i get myself to notice when i'm doing something differently from the way others would do it?
25 why are some american politicians anti-universal healthcare?
26 if i started a cult, what would my following look like?
27 what musical patterns/ themes can i find in my 'pretty thoughts' playlist?
28 how can i reduce my fomo and spend more attention/ time/ energy within a fixed scope?
29 i felt a million times lighter after i eliminated the idea of having kids before i reached a specific age. what are some other things i'm carrying around with me that don't actually serve/ actively hurt me?
30 living forever seems like it'd make it difficult/ impossible to live a meaningful life. what would a meaningful life even mean in that scenario?

31 what is it about try-hards (i.e., people who try too hard to impress others) specifically that turns me off? what specific things do they do that make me immediately label them as try-hards?
32 how can i selectively diminish my ability to smell?
33 i can't help but want to change things when i meet some threshold of pain. what might i be missing out on by cutting my losses early instead of waiting it out in case the pain stops?
34 i try to make decisions according to my personal values and beliefs, which sometimes looks like making decisions that many others wouldn't make if they were in my shoes. what do other people know that i don't?
35 how can i weaken the effect of external factors that are out of my control (especially weather) on my default mood?
36 what's the best way for me personally to get better at poker?
37 what are the most meaningful compliments someone could give me?
38 is there a way to self-induce synesthesia? seems like it could be a great tool for storing information.
39 what are some things that genuinely impress me about other people?
40 how can i reduce the amount of time i spend on 1:1 activities that are focused solely on 'catching up' (e.g., going out to eat or drink) without reducing the reward i get from spending time/ energy on 1:1 catching-up?

41 how does one start a career in voice-acting or audiobook-recording? 
42 what are the best ways to get people to switch from fixed to growth mindset?
43 if i lived a five-minute walk away from the beach in a sunny area, how much time would i actually spend there?
44 i sometimes shy away from writing because i suspect that none of my thoughts are original. if i 100% knew that i'd make an impact on at least one person's life per chapter/ section/ article/ post/ whatever, what are ten topics i would write about?
45 say i hired five interior designers to design a perfect bedroom for me. what would it look like?
46 what are ten go-to solo activities i could potentially do to get me out of a funk whenever i'm feeling restless/ uncertain/ anxious/ [emotion]?
47 if i cut alcohol out for the rest of my life starting today, what would i miss the most?
48 how can i keep better track of which activities/ interactions energize/ drain me?
49 what are the specific factors that make me feel shy/ withdrawn/ quiet versus comfortable/ outgoing/ chatty when i'm with a group of mostly strangers?
50 sometimes i meet people and immediately write them off as people i wouldn't want to be friends with pretty much ever. what specific things do they do that make me feel that way?