going slow in caye caulker, belize

once upon a time, a few members of my a cappella family and i had this brilliant idea to celebrate america's independence day by leaving the country for a tropical island. it only took a shuttle, three airplanes, a cab, and a water taxi boat to finally arrive at caye caulker, belize.

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caye caulker's motto is go slow. what a fantastic theme for someone who's used to moving as quickly as possible both at work and on vacation. even if i wanted to "go fast", the heat and humidity wouldn't have let me. i showered 2-3 times a day and would walk out sweating bullets pretty much immediately.

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the island is fairly small. we could bike up and down the entire town in about 7 minutes. it was super easy running into other tourists we'd met earlier on the trip (especially since there's really only one bar that comes to life at night).

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we happened to arrive at the start of lobster season! i only ate 8 meals on the island and 5 of those featured lobster. how can you resist when it's on nearly every menu and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

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this was probably my first vacation where i had nothing planned and didn't really do anything that cost money except eat and drink. i spent most of my time swimming in the ocean, reading, singing, and lounging around. we were approached several times by different rastafarians interested in selling us da ganja. they were super friendly and we politely declined (though i did end up purchasing a lobster curry pie from one of them).

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all in all, an awesome vacation and quick getaway from real life. :D

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