how i manage my browser tabs

i have a habit of opening up many more browser tabs than i can handle in one sitting, especially when i’m comparison shopping or researching a topic. when i can’t see the title of each page at the top of my window, i end up playing an annoying game of guess-and-click that leaves me feeling irritated, disorganized, and overwhelmed.


my quick fix for the last several years has been OneTab.

OneTab is a browser extension that lives to the right of the address bar.


clicking the OneTab button immediately vacuums up all unpinned tabs, resulting in a clean browser, a faster experience, and a happy gail. ahhhh. so nice and tidy.

but, gail, are you crazy? i can’t just close all my tabs!!!! i’ll lose all my cat video links!!!!!!!

yes, i am crazy, and yes, you CAN close all your tabs unless you’re some sort of dumb.

OneTab will save all your cat video links and whatever else in a single page. wowowow. so good.


things i love about OneTab:

  1. speed. i don’t have to take the time and cognitive effort to manually inspect each tab before deciding whether or not to close it; i just click one button and trust that everything will be saved.

  2. organization. OneTab groups your open tabs by session (e.g., if i open up a zillion tabs about oysters today and a mole of tabs about rosé tomorrow, my oyster tabs will show up in one group and my rosé tabs will show up in another).

  3. access. (if i’m insane) i can immediately reopen all zillion oyster tabs with one click of the Restore All link.

  4. easy triage. if i only want to open up a couple oyster tabs, i can click on their links directly and they’ll disappear from my OneTab page. if opening up those couple of oyster tabs gives me the info i need and the rest of the zillion tabs are now irrelevant, i can immediately delete all of them with one click of the Delete All link. or if i decide only a couple of links are now irrelevant, i can easily delete them one at a time by x-ing them out.

reasons i suspect people don’t use OneTab:

  1. aversion to change (can’t help you there)

  2. aversion to learning new things (dude, this is so easy my cat can use it)

  3. they use internet explorer LOL (i got 99 problems and ie ain’t one)

but srsly this is so freakin’ fast and easy to use. do it already.